Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bernina Breakfast

This is typical for me - breakfast with my Bernina. I have a fruit/protein smoothie and my second cup of coffee while I get to work the fun stuff! (Of course the coffee is in my hexie mug...)

Here's a glimpse of what I worked on...

I found this one in Cooper's mouth yesterday afternoon. COOPER!!!!!!!!! Luckily I saved it before damage was done!

Late afternoon I drove downtown and went for a long walk. I went up and down College Street and then onto campus down to the Engineering buildings. Nice walk. I'll do this again. It's more interesting than walking in my neighborhood, lots more to see.

I'm still getting lots of wonderful comments on how easy it is to access Hexie Love now - this new system is certainly a HUGE improvement! If you've never gotten an issue, now is a great time to try it!

When I started the magazine, I thought I'd try it a year to see how it went. Well, it's going fantastic! And I have big plans for next year with Hexie Love. You are going to LOVE the progressive quilt pattern - it's wall to wall hexies and will be lots of fun to watch grow over the year. And lots of fabulous featured hexie artists! And so much more!

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