Thursday, September 17, 2015

More Walking...

 Here's a photo from the very first issue of Hexie Love. As you may know, Hexie Love includes a progressive quilt pattern each year; each issue has a part of the instructions to make a hexie quilt, this year's being Odyssey. The January/February issue has all the fabric requirements and basic instructions along with the first installment of the pattern.

If you've been keeping up (and I know many of you have!), the November/December issue of Hexie Love will have the final instructions of how to put all the pieces together that we've all been working on this year. Can't wait!

I took another long walk around campus yesterday afternoon. I'm hoping to keep up this habit, especially with the cooler temperatures we are enjoying. 

And just for fun, here's a cute picture of Cooper with some vintage hexies. Yes, he loves hexies, too!

As much as I want to head up to my studio this very minute, I must stay downstairs with my computer this morning. I have lots of business work to take care of - things I've been putting off (because I RATHER BE SEWING!)

And so, my computer calls and I'm answering - think about me while you are sewing. If I can get this boring stuff done, I hope to find some sewing time later today...

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  1. Odyssey looks beautiful! Those text fabrics really look great with the hexies. It has been great reading the issues and following along.


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