Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pinterest Fail

Have you had a Pinterest fail? I've had many and this is the latest. Before the weekend I decided to make a cake to share with our many guests. I wanted to make an orange and blue 'tiger striped' cake. I studied lots of Pinterest instructions. I've got this!

So what went wrong? I should have started with a WHITE cake! I started with a lemon cake, which of course was YELLOW. So the blue food coloring mixed with the yellow cake turned GREEN! Ughhh!!!! Not my smartest moment.....

The guests never saw the cake - I hid it. Hubby likes it though, thank goodness.

I also made a Pinterest breakfast casserole for our guests Sunday morning. It tasted okay, but it looked like some a dog threw up. Oh well...

I've love to hear about your Pinterest fails.

So what's going on in the world of hexies today? LOTS! I didn't get much done yesterday - still tired from the weekend. But today I'm up and at 'em - ready to hexie!

I received a shipment yesterday that I've been anxiously awaiting. It's something special. Something that will totally change how I make hexies...and maybe, just maybe it will change the way you make them, too. Woohoo!!!!!!

I also got a shipment of fabric - I ordered it last week. Good thing I checked my order before I pushed the final button. Instead of 15 yards of one fabric, I had entered 115 yards. EEKK! Glad I caught that mistake.

So anyway, I have lots of new stuff to play with and PLAY I will!


  1. Thanks for a good belly laugh. I needed one.... :-)

  2. Yes! I made this crock pot mac & cheese recipe...GROSS...we had no dinner and ended up eating sandwiches!!!

  3. You know that cake looks almost tartan lol


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