Tuesday, July 4, 2017

No Sewing...BUT, Still a Great Day! AND Happy July 4th!

I was drinking my coffee, still in my pajamas (hadn't EVEN had breakfast!) when I looked out the window and my plans for sewing WENT OUT THE WINDOW! The guy in the brown uniform was outside with two HUGE boxes!

Hubby was playing golf. I should wait for him, right? NO, I couldn't wait. I opened the boxes, got dressed, ate breakfast and started on construction. Times TWO.

I put them together all by myself and even moved them into place. And I love them! They are not fully styled yet...give me some time, and I'll get there. I want to find some PRETTY lidded boxes or baskets to store current works-in-progress. No more visible plastic bins. Forgive me for wanting my sewing room, where I spend so much time, to be pretty. It's visible as soon as you come in our front door. I still want to hang curtain panels - maybe I'll make them? And yes, my desk needs cleaning off. It's a work in progress in itself, though I'm SO glad I ordered these shelves.

Yesterday Hubby and I ran some errands and then had some porch time with the dogs.

Today we'll be grilling out hamburgers and hotdogs, and in general...chilling. For those interested in the cookbook I mentioned yesterday, you can find Cotton Country Cooking HERE. It's been my favorite cookbook for 40 years!

Happy July 4th to you!

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  1. Why aren't you talented! Carpentry work too!! Yea for you!