Thursday, July 26, 2018

My Birthday Present...

Among other wonderful things (a new purse, and new springform pans) I received an embroidery module for my Bernina.  It came Saturday, but I didn't open the box until yesterday. Was it hard to figure out? Not really. I had a few things to learn, but overall it wasn't too difficult.

My first project - my initial. Okay, I know it's not much, but it was my first try. I can see that now I'll need to collect stabilizers and rayon thread! This will be fun with which to play!

Yesterday was also a car day. My car had to go to the shop for a broken rear blinker. Hubby's car wouldn't start. By afternoon all was fixed. And the UHaul shop paid to get my blinker fixed because it turns out they messed it up when they installed my trailer hitch earlier this year. All is well now!

Today I do hope to get back on my schedule and work on my Christmas row quilt!

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  1. Nice surprise that you didn't have to foot the bill for the blinker! What a beautiful birthday present! Did your husband just know what to get you, or did the quilt fairies leave him a note?