Saturday, July 14, 2018

Report from the Lake House

We spent several hours at the lake house yesterday. It was one of those good news-bad news kind of days. But mostly good. Above is the new coffee bar - custom made by the cabinet people and topped with quartz. Good news!

All countertops are now in - good news!

Chimney sweep came - fireplace is not safe to use at this time - repairs will be pricey - bad news...

Termite inspector came - no bugs or damage - good news!

Termite inspector wants to do a special treatment ('according to state regulations'). Not sure if I believe him that it is necessary- will do research to see - bad news...

New barn door was built and installed while we were there - good news!

We discovered significant damage on our pier and our Seadoo was tied off and not on its lift. Turns out a recent storm knocked the Seadoo into the water and it continued to bang against the pier. A kind neighbor saved the Seadoo from floating away and tied it off. The pier and Seadoo will both need repair - the pier will have to wait until winter when the water level is down - bad news...

All in all it is good. The house is progressing well and will be finished before long. Very good news!

On the way home we took a load of old metal outdoor furniture to a sand blasting/powder coating facility - truly fascinating! Above is where they powder coat items, which are hung from the big rolling rack. The rack is given an electrical charge which passes through the item to be sprayed. The powder coating will then stick to the item.

Next the item goes into this huge oven at 450 degrees F. The powder coating melts into a nice even surface. They have lots of colors to pick from - we went with a dark bronze color. I have taken all the furniture cushions to an upholsterer to be recovered.

No sewing. This morning I teach the local Accuquilt Club class. And maybe I'll get a bit of sewing in later????

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