Monday, July 23, 2018

Drunkard's Path

This is all the sewing I have to show for the last few days. It's a sample for the next Accuquilt Club meeting. We'll be learning to cut and sew curves.

Friday was spent at the lake getting the damaged Seadoo to the marina - this took much longer than expected because we discovered the engine was also damaged in the storm (not just the hull). But we did it and next time we see it...we hope it will run and look good again!

Saturday we were busy with family - always fun!

Yesterday I sewed just a bit. I've also been working on a presentation on my computer. I'll be speaking to a large group of women (mostly non-quilters) on the subject of Quilting in Alabama in a couple of weeks. I'm almost done with my presentation - yay!!!


  1. Your presentation sounds great! I like the drunkard's path - it's on my list of someday projects. Too bad about the storm damage, and I hope it isn't too expensive a fix. BTW, no need to answer all my comments! I'm catching up from a while of being so busy I didn't get to come visit!


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