Friday, July 20, 2018

Hexie Pillow

Yesterday was Christmas quilts day, but I made a pillow instead. Haha - I had gone to bed the night before thinking about the pillow and just had to get up and make it. I used my Bullseye Nested dies for my Accuquilt Studio cutter.

I picked out the size I wanted to cut - 2" per side...

...and then selected the appropriate 'blank' to go in the middle.

Yes indeed, more denim! It's a fun little pillow, I think.

We have to go to the lake this morning to get the Seadoo out of the water and take it to the marina for repair estimates. I'm not sure if I'll find time to sew today, but we'll see.


  1. Love the pillow!!! Who doesn't love hex's!!!

  2. This is great. Can you tell us how big the size of the final outside hexie?
    As I look at the picture I am trying to get a sense of scale...

    1. These hexies are 2" on each side - I sewed them raw edge.