Tuesday, July 3, 2018

I Needed Fabric????

A couple of days ago I asked Hubby if he had some cash. I told him I bought something on a Facebook yard sale site. "What did you buy?" he asked. "Fabric," I replied.

"Well," he said, "you needed fabric." Hahahaha! He and I both know it's the last thing I need!

I absolutely couldn't resist - I know - it's like a disease, isn't it? Two huge ziplock totes filled to the brim with quarter yard cuts. AND it's all neatly wrapped around comic book cardboard pieces. WOW! The two bins cover an entire queen size bed!

Tell me...could you have resisted?

I had never seen these Ziplock bins before. They are sturdy and fit under a bed really well. I think I'll order more of these - I love to store things under beds.

The woman selling them had an appliqué business but is no longer doing this. I can't even imagine how many quilts I can make from this. I plan to sort through it all in the next few days. I think I got a really good deal - I got her down 20% off the asking price. I counted the pieces in one bin - 207 different fabrics, a quarter yard of most of them. At $2.50 each that would be over $500 retail. And that's only one of the bins. How much would you pay for this? I'll tell you in a couple of days how much I paid....

I plan to use some of this myself, make some charity quilts out of some of it, and share some with my close friends.

Monday Machine Quilting did not happen - we had family visiting. It's always fine with me if I miss Machine Quilting day - haha! I have been working a bit on the next Splendid Sampler 2 block, but I really don't like it - this will be a good block to skip.

Over the weekend we attended two different cook-outs in our neighborhood. It's very social around here! We feel like we have already celebrated Independence Day, so we will have a quiet 4th. We might go watch some local fireworks, and then again, we may not.

Have a good one!

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  1. Oh, my gosh. I know exactly how you felt! There was a great collection of silk remnants for sale at one of my guild meetings. And I just happened to have my grocery cart since I had brought in a donation. And I had a reproduction pattern in mind from one of the museums. Sold; pattern bought; in the queue to be made for a show at the end of next year!

    This is just perfect for someone who work "scrappy" the way you do. Cannot wait to see what comes out of it..