Thursday, July 12, 2018

Birthday Fun!

I didn't sew yesterday, but I thought I'd show you what I'm making from the cut-off seams from the pile of blue jeans: placemats for the lake! Won't they be fun? And very durable!

Hubby and I had a wonderfully fun day yesterday. He let me pick our agenda. I decided we'd go thrifting. We've been watching a show on Netflix called 'Money For Nothing' - it's a British show about a woman who picks things from the 'tip' (dump) and she and other artists turn them into wonderful things.

We didn't find anything to reinvent, but we did come home with some fun finds. We went to 4 thrift/reclaim stores and bought something from all of them. Among other things, we came home with a pile of movies for the lake, a lovely tall planter, and more jeans for me to deconstruct.

We went for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants: a delicious wedge salad and firecracker shrimp along with a margarita. 

Today I'll get back on track with sewing.

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