Friday, July 27, 2018

Christmas in July

I made the last row of pinwheels and stitched it in place. I also added white strips on either side so it has an inner border now. The idea I'd had for an outer border didn't work - the colors of the fabric I was going to use were right for this project. So now I need a Plan B. Maybe next week I'll figure out what exactly Plan B is! Ha!

Today I think I'll make the next BOM block for guild and maybe I'll work on the next SS2 block.  It's too hot to get out - sweltering....


  1. The quilt looks great. How about logs or large squares to match the rows? Look what I did with my Christmas quilt this week

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  3. Cooler at the lake house - soon, I hope! Your Christmas quilt looks amazing. Great fabric choices! Did you decide on a border? Does it really need a border? If you don't use a border, do you have to move to Tennessee, traditional home of no-border quilts? LOL If you do, move to east TN!