Monday, June 5, 2017

The Next Quilt...

So this is the next quilt I started..Jen Kingwell's Bring Me Flowers. I'm really on a Jen Kingwell kick right now. I just LOVE her designs. (I'm a Farmer's Daughter is also a Jen Kingwell design.)

Here's what the quilt will look like - each block has a flower pot with three stems, but the flowers are different in each.

I have this jellyroll of Alison Glass fabrics that I'm using- I got it for less than $17.00 - bargain! Most of the pieces for the quilt are really small so a jellyroll is working well. The flower pots are a bit too big to cut from these strips so I'm using my stash for those. 

The first thing I did was grab a green fat quarter and make my bias strips for stems. I needed 3/8" finished strips. I ended up using this pin technique - have you done this before? I put the pin into my ironing surface (yes, it needs to be recovered!) so that there is a 3/8" opening to slide the strip under. I cut the end of the strip into a point and poked it under, ironing as the strip came through folded perfectly. 

By the way, I starched the fabric WELL before cutting into strips. I'd never done this technique before, but it worked very well.

And here is my first finished block, Double Pinwheels. The vase is a Kaffe Fassett print. The background is from my stash of white neutrals. Each of these blocks is four small blocks - one for the vase/stems and 3 for the flowers. I hand pieced each of the four blocks - but then I sewing the four together by machine. I have to tell you, I really HATED to appliqué the circle in the center of each flower... because all those points came together PERFECTLY! I didn't want to cover them up, but I did.

I need to decide on two fabrics for those alternate blocks and the borders (looks like a black and a white print in the photo above).

And there you go - my new project.

So what am I going to work on today? I have no clue! I really need to finalize my new schedule so I can wake up with a plan each day. I do know I'm headed to the library this morning to return some books. The rain coming in later this morning - so I'll be ready to hunker down later.

Have a nice day! 


  1. It looks very pretty. It's always so exciting to start a new project.

  2. Very pretty and bright. Bias gives me the jitters until I get into it. Cannot wait to view your progress.


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