Monday, June 26, 2017

Finger Petals Cut and Pinned in Place!

I worked on Block 3 of the Rowdy Flat Library Quilt yesterday. Yay - all the 'finger' petals are cut and pinned in place - ready to appliqué! (Last night I appliquéd about half of them.)

And this is my latest purchase for my sewing room. Okay, it's not here yet, but I've ordered it. Actually, I've ordered TWO of these shelving units from Wayfair. My aim is to make my sewing room more functional AND to make it more pretty and stylish. These will go on either side of the window. I had originally planned to buy shelving units with doors at the bottom to keep Cooper out. But I decided I liked this look better. I'll buy some lidded storage containers for the bottom 2 shelves.

I felt like I needed something with height on either side of my sewing machine - I'll fill them with some of my supplies, folded finished quilts, and some of my fun stuff. Can't wait to get them early next month! I also plan to hang curtains at the window.

It's Machine Quilting Monday! I hope to quilt a few more dresden blocks today. I have one little errand to run, too.

What are you working on today? Whatever it is, I hope you have fun with it!


  1. I really like your new shelves! Super stylish. Great progress on the RFLQ.

  2. What is Wayfair? I need something like that, too! I couldn't imagine what finger petals were! The pieces look good laid out like that.


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