Saturday, June 10, 2017

Another Day Off...

I had a little headache yesterday and ended up taking yet another day off from sewing. And I think it was probably good for me. Who knows...I may not sew today...we'll see! (But I'll bet I will...)

I did get out for a bit to our local quilt shop to visit and buy a pattern - yeah, I know what your thinking...don't really need another pattern...but I now have another pattern. Haha! I also made some cookies that didn't turn out so well - but Cooper loved them - he stole SEVERAL!

And in the late afternoon we took Mickey for a golf cart ride - one of his favorite activities. We don't take him for walks in the neighborhood because he's too yappy - he barks constantly at everyone we see. So this is his occasional treat.

And we spent some time battling these little bugs. They are the size of ladybugs, but their backend is squared off a bit and they are a mottled black/green color. They are EVERYWHERE outside our house, especially in the back. They seem to be attracted to light colors as they congregated on the light trim of our house, hubby's white car, and the white shorts I was wearing - UGH! Hubby had his bug spray and went after them with a vengeance. They seem to be mostly gone this morning.

We are going for breakfast this morning at an open house around the corner - it's the first 'smart' house in our neighborhood - our last house was 'smart' though we decided we like unintelligent houses better. 'Smart' houses (we found) can be a challenge. And if something doesn't work correctly, it can be the devil to find someone to fix it. Ha!

Have a great day!

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