Saturday, June 3, 2017

Good Intentions

Yesterday just got away from me. Do you have days like that? You have plans and somehow other things happen and those plans never happen? And that's okay - so glad I have no deadlines in my life so it really doesn't matter anyway what I do get done or what I don't get done.

Eye doctor - CHECK
Physical - CHECK
Dermatologist - CHECK
Dentist - CHECK
Mammogram - CHECK!

Boom! I'm officially done with checkups and appointments! Happy girl, here!

After my appointment one of my neighbor friends asked me to come over for a few minutes. And then I made another JalapeƱo Squash Casserole and a broccoli salad so we'll have some good vegetables to eat over the weekend. The only stitching I did was to work on my current Farmer's Daughter block last night. So my machine stitching never happened, but it will today.

Hubby's headed to the golf course this morning - and while he's gone my plan is to get the binding on Autumn Garden. AND I'd love to finally get back to work on New Bedford. One of my Facebook friends mentioned she hadn't seen my birds (Bird Dance) come out to play in a bit - she's right. I need to pull that project out again.

So that's the plan. Rain is coming in later today, but now the sun is shining, giving me wonderful light in my sewing room. Joy!

Have a great one!

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  1. A wonderful Saturday. Almost every day, my plans go south. Nevertheless, I keep making them, as I never know when this might be the day!


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