Friday, June 30, 2017

Rowdy Flat Library Quilt

We had a lovely day at the lake...except for our sleep at night. The dogs were ready to wake up at 5 am (!) - they don't sleep as well here. Hubby got up with them and I was able to sleep a bit later. Then he took a nice nap this afternoon. Okay, I had a nap, too - but not as long as his. Luckily, they both slept better last night!

We were able to fit a nice long boat ride in during the morning before the rain hit in the afternoon.

During the rainy afternoon I cut out pieces for Block 3 of RFLQ. I still have to add some tiny little stems - but I don't have everything I need for them here, so these will wait until I get home. One thing I've noticed about this block: the scale seems off. I made everything as called for in the pattern. BUT, I'm supposed to have more flowers and leaves, and even butterflies, bees, a caterpillar, a snail, and a couple of birds in this space. There is simply not enough room! And I really don't like that the birds are supposed to be the same size as the bees and butterflies. I need to do some research and see what other quilters have done for this block and if they've had the same challenges. For now mine will just have flowers... maybe the insects will come out to play around the exterior of the bigger circle. 

Last night I began stitching on another Farmer's Daughter block - not much to show yet, but it's coming along. 

It's pouring rain this morning. That's okay - glad we got a boat ride in yesterday. We don't mind being here when it's raining - we'll watch TV and entertain ourselves!

Have a nice one!


  1. Pics of pups on the boat is adorable!!! Have you watched Crimson Tide on Prime? I'm so sorry Downton Abbey is overwith!!! But Crimson was a good one to watch as well. Come and Find Me was a mystery on Netflix and I hear Transparent is another good series, but I haven't watched that yet.

  2. The size of that bird bothered me too so I only made one; however, I did manage to get everything else inside the circle. I'm not sure but I think the circumference of the outer circle in that block was a little bigger than the first two. I would need to look at the pattern to say for sure. Also, once the seam allowances are turned under the pieces you have cut out will shrink some. Just cram in as much as you can. It looks great.


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