Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Purpose and Direction

Purpose and Direction. That's a mantra in our family - these words were often spoken by my late father-in-law. And even though I'm retired and can do anything I choose on any given day, I like to be productive...even in my quilting hobby. With so many projects in progress at one time, I really needed to revamp my personal schedule so I can move my quilting projects forward.

Here's my new schedule:

Monday-Machine Quilting
Tuesday- Machine Piecing Day - New Bedford/Marmalade/UFO
Wednesday-Jen Kingwell: Farmer’s Daughter, Bring Me Flowers
Thursday- Hexies
Friday-Hand Work – Bird Dance, Rowdy Flat Library Quilt

Weekend – Machine Quilting/ my choice

As before, Mondays will be for machine quilting - I began yesterday by basting 6 blocks of my Gardenvale dresden quilt - you may remember I'm machine quilting this one block at a time. I'm using different black and white prints for the backing.

Tuesdays will be for machine piecing. I have two piecing projects underway, New Bedford and Marmalade. As I finish these, I'll work on UFO's or other piecing projects on this day.

Wednesdays will be for my two Jen Kingwell projects.

Thursdays will be HEXIE DAY! I'm anxious to get back on track on The Bee's Knees.

Fridays will be my handwork day on Bird Dance and/or RFLQ.

If you noticed...Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday are all hand work days. I do love hand work...

I work so much better with a schedule and PURPOSE AND DIRECTION. As always, I'll take days off as I choose. But this will give me a starting point each day.

Lest you think I sew all day long...this schedule is for my mornings only - haha!

So that means today I'll be machine piecing! I need to pull out the seam ripper and fix that New Bedford block that is turned the wrong way. And then I'll sew more of these blocks together.

It's such a small thing - having a schedule. But I can't tell you how much better it makes me feels! Without it I would 'forget' some projects (The Bee's Knees) - not happening now!

Have a great day!

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