Thursday, June 29, 2017


Yesterday I machine quilted 2.5 dresden blocks - yay me! Then I did some household chores and was going STIR CRAZY. I headed out for a bit and walked around Target for a bit. Stopped by Chik-Fil-A and brought home lunch - their new watermelon mint lemonade is the BOMB!

When Hubby got home from golf, he suggested heading to the lake for a couple of day. YES! Thirty minutes later we had loaded the car with some food and the dogs (of course!) and we were on the road.

The boat lift was not working, so we fixed that, and then Hubby had time to mow the grass before we grilled out fresh salmon.

And then we were blessed with the most gorgeous sunset I've ever seen! Can you see Cooper running around? He's that little blob in the lower right. He LOVES the lake!

We're expecting rain today and that's okay. I have a book and hand sewing and we have TV, including Netflix. We'll be happy campers!

Have a great day!


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