Sunday, June 11, 2017

A TINY Bit of Sewing

I think a few days off from stitching did me a world of good - a nice little stay-cation. But I did do a bit of hand stitching yesterday. I finished another Bring Me Flowers block - the second of the two double pinwheel flowers - and I started a new one. This one has 'baby carriage' flowers. Sweet, aren't they?

I'm thinking I may redo my schedule - I think it's gotten me discombobulated a bit. When I look at it and see two, or even three choices of projects to work on in one single's just too overwhelming. I think I may re-think today. Ha! I'll figure it out. But I know something may have to be put aside for a bit. 

Yesterday afternoon we went to the pool. We didn't swim, but we enjoyed sitting in the shade and watching kids in the 'family pool.' We saw some of our neighbors and visited with some nice hotel guests.

And then spent a few minutes in the hot tub before we came home and grilled burgers. A nice day.

Later today I plan to work on my sewing box. I bought legs and knobs for it yesterday. I'm almost ready to paint - just a bit more sanding to do.

Have a relaxing day!

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