Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Day (and My Neighborhood)

It was Stash Attack Day here yesterday! I kicked off the process of taming my stash. I started it out with a garbage bag full of fabric. One piece at a time, I pressed it.

Then I layered it on my 2.5" die on my Accuquilt Studio.  Once I had plenty of fabric in place, I rolled it through to cut the strips.

And then I put the strips into plastic shoe bins organized by color.

When I first began the process in the morning, I hoped to do one bag per day. I'll have more than 16 bags! Then I as got into the process I thought I was too optimistic. A. Lot. Of. Fabric.

But I stuck to it and by the end of the day I'd emptied TWO bags! Yay!

As I worked, I set aside some chunks of fabric to cut with other dies at another time. I'm thrilled with my progress. These strips will be very usable. I'm not cutting ALL my fabric like this - just the older stuff. My more modern fabric will be left in fat quarters. I'm happy! Two large garbage bags reduced to 3 small bins!

I got lots of questions yesterday about our new neighborhood! So here's the scoop:

The neighborhood is centered around a fabulous golf course (Grand National). The course is hosting a professional senior tour event next month. In addition to the award winning course, there is a par three course, and a driving range. Yes, hubby is a golfer. There's a fabulous hotel (Marriott), also. As homeowners here, we can use all the amenities of the hotel (pools, gym, tennis and pickle ball courts, billiard room, restaurants, etc.). And we get a discount at the restaurants. There are also 18 miles of trails through the woods and around the lakes on the property. And we get all our lawn care provided, too. We do pay HOA dues for all this, but they are very reasonable. The bigger the house, the more the HOA fees are. We have one of the smallest homes.  You can read more about it HERE.


  1. Your new 'neighborhood' sounds wonderful and I can tell you are both enjoying the new life!!! So happy for you!!! And to have access to these amenities is icing on the cake!

  2. WOW, what a place. Our neighbor has a daughter in AL so I sent him the site. You have a lot of strips now. Very efficient.

  3. Thanks for the link. I took a look around, browsed floor plans. It looks like a lovely neighborhood, some of the homes with an almost old world feel to them, though the decor is anything but. I hope you will be very happy in your new home. I don't know Opelika, but Auburn is certainly lovely, and there's a lot of culture through university events. So which room is your quilting studio? =)


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