Thursday, June 16, 2016


Yesterday morning I attacked (yes, I really did) the remaining sewing stuff that needed organizing. I had a few bags and piles of things I'd stuffed in the closet in my sewing room. I put it all in the floor and dug in my heels. So - above is the before....

And here is the after. Floor is clean. Closet is organized. And do you know what that means??????

It means I will now allow myself to SEW!!!!!! I'm so excited!

I've had a few friends come by to help me sort through some fabrics - and they all went home with some of my leftovers. I've loaded the rest of my discards in my car and will deliver them tomorrow night to my guild's charity quilt chairpersons. I hope a lot of charity quilts will be made from this fabric.

Don't worry - I still have PLENTY of fabric for me. And it's all organized and put away. I know there is more sewing stuff in storage that is buried in the back and when I do find it, I'll organize it. But for now....I will sew!

As for now, I'm putting my feet up and enjoying the flowers a friend brought over...


  1. Impressive! And I'm liking that table top! very nice!

  2. wow you really did attack. And it looks beautiful and so organized now. It will be a great sewing place for you. Happy Sewing!

  3. Congratulations! It's going to be such fun sewing now. I can hardly wait to see what you make.

  4. Wonderful feeling, isn't it? Congrats on getting your room done so quickly so you can sew!


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