Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Here's a view out my car window at one of the lakes in our new neighborhood. Lots of geese! The lake is stocked with bass for fishing. 

So yesterday's vet appointment went well. Then in the afternoon I took a long nap - much needed! Then I made hubby some strawberry ice cream - because he deserved a treat! So far I've made the following ice cream flavors this summer: banana pudding, vanilla, and strawberry. They've all been great, but the banana pudding was my favorite. 

Today is a going to be a good day. The custom Roman shades we ordered will be installed this morning!!!! We've been dealing with temporary paper shades in our bedroom - they keep falling down. Yes, I'm excited about today!

I'm hoping sewing will resume SOON! And I need to share photos of my sewing room SOON! Have a great day!


  1. Geese are nice to see....just hope you don't have to 'jump' around too much when walking! HA

  2. Looking forward to seeing the sewing room, and the sewing. Such a lovely environment you have.


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