Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My Evening Handwork...

Okay...I know I said I was ready to start sewing again, BUT I decided to finish patterning Bliss before I get back to the fabric. But you know I can't stand to NOT have a needle and thread in my hand!

When we moved, I turned up this needlepoint kit that I had started almost 20 years ago. I completed one corner and put it aside. I think this was around the time I started quilting and well, quilting took over.

I almost donated this, but something made me keep it. About a month ago I pulled it out again. This kit is done with embroidery floss rather than wool. Everything was still there - packaged neatly together.

I was immediately hooked and have been working on it in the evenings. I have made tons of progress and I'll see this through to make a cute pillow for our screened porch.

The patterning of the third section of Bliss should be complete in the next day or so....and then I WILL SEW!

I had not been to the pool for several days, so yesterday afternoon I took care of this! 14 laps (if I counted correctly). I'm trying to keep up with my laps so that I can keep increasing them. But I think I may start keeping up with the time I swim instead - I'm not good at counting when my head is under water...

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  1. Those butterflies will make a lovely pillow for anywhere! I still have a few needlepoint canvases finished but not framed and not started both. I was going to get rid of them, but I just can't do it.
    Last night I worked a little on a needle punch piece that I started a while ago and iy got put away. So many projects, so little time.:)


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