Wednesday, June 8, 2016

More of the Same...

The sorting continues... I have emptied three of these!

I brought more boxes and bins back to the cottage - I'll get on these today. And then I think I'll take a break, partly because I NEED a break, partly because there is no more sewing stuff that is easy to get to in the storage unit. We need to start going through the other stuff to get it out of the way. We are having low humidity for a few days, so it would be a great time to get into the HOT facility and get some stuff done.

I am enjoying turning up stuff I'd forgotten I had! Lots of fun to be had here - and I have to say that this is going faster than I'd thought it would. So all is well!

Today I do have to run to the grocery, and I hope to make time for a pool visit.

Meanwhile I'm collecting lots of jellyroll patterns on a Pinterest page - I'll be ready to sew soon!!!!


  1. You are going quickly on the sorting and cutting. I feel like I am stuck since the move at the end of December. Ahhh one day I might get settled down and functional again.

  2. There are advantages to moving isn't there! HA

  3. So glad you are making such progress. I need some of that motivation. My sewing room is a mess!!

  4. Likewise, Jano. My sewing room is a mess except for a shelving unit my sister-in-law took pity on me and rearranged. Tremendous progress, Julia!


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