Friday, June 3, 2016

No More Strips!

I have FOUR of these tall rolling storage bins. FOUR! And they were all full of fabric. Lots of fabric. In only FOUR days, I managed to empty them all, sort the fabric, press and cut it all into strips. Okay, so I didn't cut it ALL. I ran across some fabrics that were of poor quality - they stick out like a sore thumb, scratchy and thick. These will get donated. I ran across some fabrics that I didn't like enough to cut up. These will get donated. And then there are lots of scraps - cutting waste - also to be donated.

I now have plastic shoe boxes full of strips sorted by color! I discovered I have a love of blue and green - LOTS of these! I need more orange - my favorite color - you can tell I use this color a lot because there's not much of it. I also have a lot of graphic black and white. Now that all this fabric is organized, I can and will really use it! I promise!

However, there is more fabric in the storage unit...
My Kaffee Fassett stash is still there. And some of my more modern fabric is there. I think I remember running out of time to pack and CRAMMING fabric into a cardboard box! Oh dear... I see lots of pressing in my future. But that will happen with time. I may (or may not) grab more fabric from the storage unit this weekend - we'll see....

I hope you have a lovely weekend!!!


  1. I did the same thing. I went through a lot of my stash and donated to organizations that make charity quilts. Some were older fabrics, or just ones I didn't love anymore :-)

  2. I have sewn up 4 containers of strings over the last few weeks. They are ready for when I need a fast quilt. Amazing what we can do if we make up our minds to get it done. Chris

  3. Good luck with your continued sorting!! I'm going through the process of redoing my studio. If you need a break, check out The Decrapification Project posts.


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