Thursday, June 30, 2016

Patriotic Quilt and a BEAR!

There was lots of excitement in our little town yesterday! A bear was sighted - eek! Don't worry, it wasn't in our big neighborhood - it was about 25 minutes away from us. Anyway, all ended well. The authorities tranquilized him, iced him down, and relocated him to a better place. He is fine and away from people.

I'm determined to SEW today!!!! Yay! And what will I be working on? A small patriotic wall hanging!

At my mom's new assisted living, many of the residents have a wreath hanging on their door - decorated with artificial flowers. Not what she wants! I offered to make her some seasonal small quilts to hang on her door - she liked that idea!

So today I'll start working on the July quilt - I know it won't get to her before July 4, but I'll make sure she gets it well before the end of July. I'm not using a pattern - but I did get some inspiration on Pinterest - like THIS and THIS. All those strips I cut are coming in handy!!!

This morning I have some guys coming over to work on the Punch List - the list of little things that need to be fixed in our home. There will be touch up painting. A cabinet will be adjusted. We're getting an additional vent cut into our bedroom. And so it goes. 

Have a great day!!!


  1. What a great idea for your Mom's door. She can change them with the seasons. I use my patriotic quilts from Memorial Day through July 4th. It's fun to change them out and enjoy them all new again :-)

  2. I love seasonal decorations, quilts, anything like that. Your little quilts will really make her happy when she opens her door.
    Glad that bear was not too close. Yikes!

  3. Always a list with a new home. Glad they are taking care of things in a timely manner. I like your idea for your mom's door. I look forward to seeing what the first one looks like. She can bring it out in February, too! That bear-in-the-tree picture looks almost like a row by row pattern waiting to happen. =)

  4. What a nice idea for hanging on the door!!! That way your mom will also think of you each time she sees it!!! Happy 4th!


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