Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Our Weekend!

This is the inside of one of our storage units - scary, huh? So much stuff!!! Can you find hubby in the photo? He's in there! We spent an evening in here looking for four specific items. We found three of them - score!

We are now officially unpacked at the cottage. No more boxes! We also spent some time over the weekend hanging pictures, making it feel more like home. My sewing room is really looking good!

Yesterday we took time out to go to the pool. I actually swam laps! We have three pools in our neighborhood - the heated indoor pool (where I swam), the adult only pool (seen in photo above), and a family pool that has waterfalls, fountains, and a tunnel slide. You can see the splash bar in the picture above - they serve delicious food (brisket burger, anyone?) and have live music every night. Yes, I'm liking our new neighborhood!

Today I'm going to start tackling my fabric stash. I'll be sorting, pressing, and cutting with my Accuquilt Studio. Looking forward to touching fabric!!!


  1. Three pools! Okay tells us a bit more about this neighborhood. Congrats on your finds.

  2. Your new 'neighborhood' sounds wonderful! Aren't you glad you made this decision! So happy for you!!


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