Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Special Delivery!

When we came from the lake a week and a half ago, we only brought what we could cram into our two cars. I did bring my Bernina, but not other sewing stuff. The dogs took of a good part of the space! Yesterday Hubby was coming back from a business trip in Birmingham and stopped by the lake. I'd sent him a list of things I wanted:

Sewing table
Cart full of notions

Yay! There are still things there I want and need, but these were priorities. Today I hope to set up my sewing space - at least get a start on it.

Yesterday I unpacked 4 boxes. The kitchen is coming together. Slowing but surely...

Since the wedding I have hunkered down here in the cottage, only leaving home to walk the dogs. Today I'm getting out to run a few errands and then back home to unpack more boxes.

I'm getting closer to sewing again every single day...

Hope you find time to sew today!

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  1. I'm hunkering down, too, after two very busy months. You are getting there, Julia, and in such a calm way. Off to sew for a few minutes.


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