Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Small Space Storage for Sewing Rooms!

I got the greatest comment yesterday on the blog from Linda:

"I just moved my sewing room to the old living room. No closet so storage was an issue! I found a perfect solution at IKEA. Take a look: A look at my finished new room is in a more recent post. Congrats on the new room and new house!"

Wow! That Pax cabinet is amazing! Love the pull out baskets! Thanks for the inspiration, Linda!!!

Well, that got me thinking. I'm transitioning from a large dedicated sewing room to a smaller multipurpose room. And I'm not the only quilter who has a small space in which to work! So come on quilters - share your ideas for storage in a small space! I know you have some good ones! Leave a comment or send me an email ( 

So yesterday I turned my back for a minute and Cooper ate the instructions for hanging the shower curtain rod. Well, he actually just ate the English language section. I'm left with the Spanish part. Needless to say, it didn't get mounted yesterday...

I did unpack a bedroom box and ended up with three large garbage bags ready to get donated to a charity. Pairing down is good! I think I only have one more box to unpack! Woohoo!

Of course we still have to go through LOTS of stuff in the storage unit, but that will happen eventually...


  1. I too have a 'sewing' room that is quite small...but a wood (heavy! bugger!) baby bassinet works great to use the drawers for projects, etc. (you can see a pic here: I also have another wooden dresser (yep, another yard sale!) that also is great for cutting/ironing/storing! That one is here:
    Amazing what we can do in such small spaces! But works for me! I have less steps needed to take! HA Always a plus!

  2. If you go online to the company that made your shower rod you may be able to find the instructions there!

  3. I have a friend who sews on top of her washing machine/dryer and a shelf above them stores some of her quilting stuff. Love that Pax cabinet. I'm amazed at how fast you have unpacked. LOL - took me three years when we first moved into this house as newlyweds.


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