Monday, May 2, 2016


I had 3 nice pictures ready to go, but Blogger is not letting me add them this morning. So use your imagination!

This will be our last Monday am at the lake for a bit. We're counting down to our house closing on Friday! We will be living at the cottage with only a mattress set and some outdoor furniture for a couple of weeks. And we won't even have a refrigerator for several days. Basically, we'll be camping in the cottage. Haha! We will try to get our Internet connected quickly.

And we're counting down to Daughter 2's Pharmacy School graduation - just over a week away.

And we're counting down to Daughter 2's wedding - less than two weeks away.

The strange thing is that this week will be less busy than last week - go figure! All our plans are coming together nicely.

Today's plan is to nip in my 'mother of the bride' dress just a bit. I tried it on and it's just a bit too big - a good problem! I decided not to order a smaller size - I can fix it myself. I also want to work on my crafted beaded belt.

Have a great day!!!

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