Thursday, May 26, 2016

What is this????

Here's a little guessing game for you! Do you know what this is??? Here's a hint: it will be in my new sewing room...

I'll send a prize to the first person to correctly identify this. And you must use its "proper name."

Robbie, one of my favorite readers (because she always leaves sweet comments), shared her small space ideas:

I too have a 'sewing' room that is quite small...but a wood (heavy! bugger!) baby bassinet works great to use the drawers for projects, etc. (you can see a pic here: I also have another wooden dresser (yep, another yard sale!) that also is great for cutting/ironing/storing! That one is here: what we can do in such small spaces! But works for me! I have less steps needed to take! HA Always a plus!

Be sure to check out the links to see what she done!


  1. I have NO clue what this is!!! Can't wait to see or hear!!

  2. Absolutely no idea what it is.


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