Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Wedding Crafts

I thought I'd share a few of the crafty parts of the wedding.  Doing some of these can not only be fun, but also money saving. Elizabeth picked out some cute chalkboards at Hobby Lobby months ago. Of course we used 40% off coupons! One of her bridesmaids does calligraphy and offered to letter them for her. Didn't they turn out well?!

As for the favors...
You may remember I bulk ordered hexagon shaped boxes. I bought small baggies (1.5" x 3") in the jewelry section of Hobby Lobby and filled them with orange and blue m&ms (representing Auburn University colors). You can order specific m&m colors directly from their website. The baggies went into the favor boxes.

As for the container...
Elizabeth found this cute 'composting bin' at World Market. It was perfect for the wedding colors of mint green and coral and she will use it later in her home.

The centerpieces at the reception (we made 6 of these)...

Starting at the bottom - a 16" cardboard cake round (from Hobby Lobby) covered with coral chiffon, a small cake plate (from World Market), a mason jar spray painted gold, and flowers Elizabeth made from vintage music paper. Elizabeth also made her 'toss bouquet' from these flowers.

Had we had the florist do these centerpieces, they would have been hundreds of dollars each - big savings here!

Napkins - these were not crafted - just ordered online, but don't they fit the theme of the wedding well?

Hope these ideas will inspire you for your next event.

So I only unpacked two boxes yesterday - found the cereal bowls! This morning I've started unpacking some of my clothes - I'll continue with that this morning and then move on to more kitchen boxes.


  1. Elizabeth seems as crafty as her mother. You did great! And thanks for the ideas.

  2. I 'linked' over to your blog from FB to see these! So clever!!!