Saturday, May 21, 2016

What to do with UFO tops...

Meet Kim. Sorry I cut you in half, Kim.

Kim talked to us about finishing UFO's at our guild meeting. First we talked about why we even have so many UFO's. One of the common reasons is that once you make a top you don't like the way it turns out.

Kim appliqu├ęd a hundred colorful circles on black fabric. And then she hated them. So she chopped them up and sewed them together. What a great idea! And didn't the quilt turn out fun?

And then there was this quilt...

She made it for her son and hated it. So she chopped it up vertically, mixed the strips around,I I  and sewed them back together. Brilliant. And she loves it now! And so did I!

I left very inspired! Hope this gives you some ideas..

Hubby and I unpacked lots of boxes today - yay! I now have a good plan for my sewing room. One problem is that we are keeping Cooper's crate in this room. And Cooper has a BIG crate. Adding a large table for my Accuquilt cutter and a cutting surface was going to take up too much space. So my solution is to buy a large table top and adjustable legs from Ikea. Cooper's crate will fit underneath and I can use the surface for my tools. I think this just might work!


  1. Both are cool quilts - it's good to find to solutions to UFOs.

  2. And those cut up quilts make nice snap bags too! HA You could always put a top on Cooper's crate and use to hold a lamp or your tools! HA

  3. I have UFOs because I like EVERYTHING I make, way too much, and I no longer have a longarm to quilt them, so they pile up. I also like hand sewing, embroidery, hand quilting, blah, blah, blah. But I really DO like the blue and white circle quilt you showed. That's a great quilt!


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