Sunday, February 7, 2016

Another Full Day

We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies yesterday, pulling a trailer to the lake with two recliners and an oversized ottoman. Behind us were two guys with truck and a similar trailer loaded with a washer and dryer.

All was unloaded! I put my Celtic Solstice quilt over the sofa to bring in some color. I also brought some colorful throw pillows. Ahhh...yes, it feels homey now! This will be our digs for several months.

While we were there, I put together my Sewezi table - this little spot will be my sewing studio, with fabric stored under the beds.

Last night I worked on the 2016 Hexie BOM. Do you notice something interesting? I'm working with Kaffe Fassett fabric. And under my feet? A Kaffe Fassett rug!! Gotta love it!

Today's schedule will involve less heavy lifting (for me, anyway)! I'm going to focus on sewing! Hubby will be packing boxes of his stuff in the Man Cave. Progress is being made!


  1. LOL - I loved that show. Your new diggs look good already. You're so lucky to have a place to move into for the interim. Aren't those tables great? I have one for my Ms Juki and it's wonderful to have all that sewing space. Have fun today.

  2. So many great adventures upcoming!! Actually, I think I would find some items that I forgot I had if we moved! HA Happy weekend!