Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Great Find!

I'm taking my Accuquilt Studio cutter with me to the lake - I can't live without it! But there is nothing there to put it on - needed something sturdy. Currently it's on top of some fabric bins that will be in storage. Yesterday I spotted this rolling shelf unit on a local garage sale Facebook page. Only $35! It's mine now. Hubby likes it so much that he's already claiming it for his future workshop space in the new house. (Though I may just want it in my studio...)

As the packing continues, I keep finding this fellow in this chair - he knows he's not allowed in it. When I catch him he just looks at me with sad eyes. He loves a comfy chair.

Last night's dinner was a yummy chicken salad sandwich box - homemade bread - yum! Black bean and corn salad - yum!

Today I meet with my business accountant. And then...more boxes to pack! And a termite inspection. Fun times!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I have 4 1/2 shelved like these in my studio for ALL my stuff, the half one I have a covered board on top of as my ironing board, I love it and I love that I can see all my fabrics neatly folded on the shelves.