Friday, February 12, 2016

It Could be Worse

Are you sick of hearing about packing and moving? Sorry about that....

As much as I'm sick of packing boxes, I know it could be worse. We have a lovely (albeit small) place to live while we build a new home. And the view - yes, I'll be enjoying it. There will be lots of hexie stitching happening on the back porch.

But, I AM TIRED of packing...

Today I have a car load of donations to drop off at a charity. And I'll continue to pack the kitchen - making good strides here. I'm hoping to get some time to pack up fabric and sewing machines, too. Should be a good day! And the good news - the next issue of Hexie Love is coming along very nicely!


  1. Packing is so much work. I am currently unpacking. Some stuff was in the apartment we lived in the last 3 years. Some stuff has been in boxes since we moved from our last house (3 years). Best of luck to you and the packing and moving and house building.

  2. I'm not tired of hearing about your move at all. You give me hope that if/when we have to do the is doable! Is the house on the lake yours or are you just renting it until you find a new home? Like you said, even though it is small...the view is AMAZING, and I'm sure that, and hexies, will ease any stress you have! Good luck and kudos on all of that hard work!