Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Little Something Missing...

I will be glad when this week is OVER. Tomorrow the movers are coming. There is also severe weather coming this afternoon. Really severe weather with possible tornadoes. UGH! I didn't sleep well last night - I kept having visions of a tree falling on my car (no garage at the lake) and not being able to meet the movers. Silly, I know. BUT, I've decided to go on to Auburn this afternoon and ride out the storm there. So I'll load up the dogs this afternoon and we'll head out. And I know I'll be there when the movers arrive in the morning. Hubby packed a bag and he'll meet me in Auburn tonight. We still have a bed to sleep on there, but no sheets - is this glamping? No TV either. But we'll have our phones and our cars will be in a garage.

As for the piece of bread...
While I was bringing in the groceries yesterday, apparently a loaf of bread fell out of a bag on the table. And sweet little Mickey was the rat who chewed a hole in the bag and then chewed through 4 bread slices. Ha! He was so proud of himself. I was not proud of him.

A big thank you to all who ordered rulers yesterday! I promise I'll get them out on Thursday along with a few other orders.

And now I think I need a third cup of coffee to get myself going this morning. All will be great in a few days! Hexie love to you all!

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