Saturday, February 27, 2016

Morning Visitors

It's hard to see, but we had about 20 visitors swimming by this morning. Some sort of ducks, we think. 

And the bad sleeping continues. Until we get new mattresses, I decided to sleep by myself and send hubby to another bed. I thought if I slept in the middle of the mattress, it might help. did, until hubby heard Cooper throw up and put Mickey in the bed with me while he cleaned it up. Mickey didn't want to be with me - and so the rest of the night was a bit restless. 

I'll get there, I know!

I touched fabric yesterday! My organization continued as I worked on stowing fabric. Love doing this! Can't wait to actually sew! I have a billion hexie ideas swirling in head! 

I spent the afternoon working on Hexie Love - almost done and ready to release the new issue next week!

Today: more magazine work, more organization, and dinner out with friends! Yay!

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  1. How you are still functioning creative/business-wise while all this is going on is beyond me! We moved in Nov and I am just now back to sewing! Pam at pjrquilter (at) msn (dot) com