Thursday, February 25, 2016

I'm Back!

So good to be back in blog-land! Yesterday the big move happened. Hubby had to work yesterday, so I was on my own with the movers. They were a clean cut bunch of nice young men. They arrived at 8:15 am and finished at 5:45 pm. Everything was wrapped, loaded in the trucks, transported to our storage units, and then unloaded there.

Then I had to drive back to the house to pick up the dogs, who spent the afternoon in the garage. I fed them and we hit the road to the lake. I don't see well to drive at night, and of course by now the sun had set. The roads to the lake are dark and winding and you have to watch out for deer. But I made it safely. I was too tired to even eat, so I drank a glass of milk and called it dinner. By the time hubby arrived an hour later, I was already in bed.

I so glad that day is over!

I'll be here all day - not going anywhere! I have some Hexie Love work to do and some shipping. There's also a lot to organize here. I have no idea where my clean underwear is and need to find it before I get dressed! We have boxes and suitcases piled up everywhere. I think it will take about a week to find a place for everything, but it will happen. We have food and a bed and a TV - that's good enough for me at the moment!

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  1. So glad that part is behind rest and get back to it!!