Friday, February 26, 2016

Good Morning

I'm getting into the swing of life at the lake. I made progress yesterday on getting organized - yes, I found my clean undies. Still missing my hair brush. I think it's buried somewhere in hubby's car. Tomorrow he'll be here and we can unload his car and get more done. This morning a satellite TV guy is coming to hook us up. This afternoon I'm going mattress shopping. The mattress on our bed here is 26 years old and sags in the middle. NOT GOING TO WORK! No wonder I haven't been sleeping well and hubby's back is killing him. Hopefully we can get a new set delivered next week.

I got back to work yesterday! Shipping happened! Today magazine work will happen! Life is getting back to normal!

And I'm cooking again! I was getting so tired of fast food. There's no such thing as running out for food here. The grocery store is 20 minutes away. There are a few restaurants a little closer, but I'm really enjoying cooking again. Something will be going into the slow cooker this morning - not sure what yet, but something yummy!

Hubby brought some homemade cookies home from work yesterday. Someone's mother had made them. They were peanut butter and corn flake cookies. And they were DELICIOUS! The corn flakes gave them a nice crunch. I've been searching the Internet for a similar recipe and haven't found one - I found some no-bake recipes, but not this one which is obviously a baked cookie. Anyone out there have this recipe? I would love to have it!

Okay, enough chit chat! Let's go hexie!!!


  1. if you find it share please i would love to have it to, thanks

  2. Glad your getting settled. You and I will have to get together some at the lake. I'll have to find your place and I'll help you find mine. Planning on finishing the addition this spring summer for my parents, and I have a lake Machine and project ready to go.

  3. Glad you are settled in and back to your normal busy life! HA Just think in a few months, you get to do this all over again when you move into your new home! HA