Monday, February 22, 2016


And so...we are now officially living at the lake! We worked all weekend finishing the packing. Saturday's step count: 17,047! And Sunday it was more than 16,000. We arrived yesterday afternoon and spent the next hour unloading both cars and the trailer. There is still more to unload from hubby's car, but we pooped out.

 The dogs pooped out, too! That's Scout, the grand-dog, beside Cooper. We're sitting for him this week. And Mickey? He's in a lap under a quilt.

Today I'm trying to put some things away and get a bit organized. It won't all get done today, but hopefully I'll make a big dent in it. I may make a grocery store run later. I also have some rulers to mail - sorry if you've had to wait a bit for your order!

It's rainy here today. Tomorrow is supposed to be a day of severe weather, going through Wednesday am. Oh dear! I'm meeting the movers back in Auburn Wednesday. Let's pray for the rain to move out early!!! Then we'll head back to Auburn this weekend to walk through the house one final time to make sure we didn't forget anything. And then back to town again Monday for the closing. Luckily it's only 45 minutes away.

I'll also fit in some time today to work on Hexie Love - my favorite thing to do!!!

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  1. Hard to believe you've moved all of your home already!!! Good for you! The worst is behind you!!!