Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Boxes, Need More Boxes!

Yesterday I packed fabric for long term storage. I'd had several friends offer to come help me, but in the end I just threw it all in a box. I know. It's a big mess. There will be days of sorting, ironing, and folding when we finally do get settled.

This packing thing? It's getting old. I realized late yesterday that I'll need more boxes. Maybe I'll make a run for them later today.

Do you have a move in your future? Here are some tips:

1. You'll need more boxes than you think.

2. The packing tape you use is very important. Scotch packing tape has NOT been good - maybe it's our humidity, but it doesn't stay stuck to the box. I like Duck brand or U-Haul brand. Get good tape - trust me on this.

3. As for boxes, just get them as cheaply as possible. I buy large and small boxes at Walmart for packing almost everything. Then I go to U-Haul to buy specialty boxes, such as for wardrobe, lamps, pictures, etc.

4. Pack heavy stuff (like books) in small boxes to keep the weight down.

5. Pace yourself. Take breaks. Drink water. Eat chocolate. The latter is very important.

6. Don't move often.

I ran across this old photo yesterday: the daughters and me with Alex Trebek at a Pillsbury Bake Off MANY years ago. That was a fun trip! Excuse the dust on the glass of the frame - dust is the story of my life lately!

There is a big, beautiful robin staring at me this morning from outside. Maybe a sign of Spring? Hope so!

Now I won't be making hexies today, so please go make some for me! Just kidding, go make some for yourself! Happy day!


  1. As someone who recently moved from Hawaii to the mainland, I can attest that cheap tape is not worth it! One roll of tape we used (no idea what brand, but I'd grabbed it at a low price somewhere) did not have the sticking power needed, it peeled off cardboard boxes. Worse, I had used it to tape up a lot of my fabric bins, and when I peeled the tape off, the plastic layer came off and left the adhesive behind. What a mess. In Hilo, Home Depot had the best and cheapest box selection, about half the price of UHaul, but your location may be different. Good luck with your move! Hoping I don't have to do it again for a while...

  2. I too have just moved ... we weren't planning on it ... Owners decided to split up and so then wanted the granny flat we were in and kicked us out .. I too can attest to the fact that you need good sticking packing tape ... no matter you move halfway across the world or just 20 mins away ... it is needed ...