Saturday, January 17, 2015

UFO and Birthday Block Progress

I'm still making 4 Celtic Solstice blocks per day - so far I've made 32 blocks which are sewn into 8 big four patches. And yesterday I finished the Wild and Goosey birthday block - yay!

That didn't take long, so I made another set of birthday blocks for another friend. She had provided all the precut fabric, so this was quick!

Then I spent the entire afternoon and evening on hexies. So nice to be productive! This morning I need to take time out to dust, vacuum, clean bathrooms….. it's got to be done! I still hope to have some sewing time! And tonight…. we're going to a birthday dinner for a good friend. Busy day!

Out the kitchen window this morning…. yup, that's toilet paper. A pretty pitiful job of rolling a tree, if I do say so. At least it will be easy to clean up. I can see toilet paper hanging from a tree down the street. Must have been a drive by rolling - all along our street.

What are you working on this weekend?


  1. From the moment I first heard of or first saw TP in someone's yard, I just haven't understood it--it seemed worse than throwing money down the toilet. Now that I'm older and toilet paper is a lot more expensive, it seems an even weirder way to invest money, time, and energy. Obviously, there are a lot of people in the world who feel differently!
    Have a great day! I hope the chores go fast and that you enjoy the party and other fun things today!

  2. Do love your to see how you make them grow!

  3. Sooo happy right now. I have been unable to get into my blog feed for days. Finally I got in and I just subscribed. I am so excited to go back over every page. I feel a hexie marathon coming on. LOL Thanks!!! Have to get link to my DD or order it for her.