Saturday, January 10, 2015

How to Prepare Hexagon Motifs for Applique: A Tutorial!

As you may have noticed, most of my hexie quilts consist of hexagon motifs appliquéd to a background fabric. I love "wall to wall" hexie quilts as much as anyone; but because I'm a designer and make my own samples, I would only be able to produce one or maybe two of these quilts per year. So in order to be more prolific (and because I LOVE the look!) I tend to work with appliquéd hexies. 

I thought it would be helpful to provide some instructions on how I prepare hexie motifs for appliqué. This will help as you make my block of the month project and some of the projects in Hexie Love.

1. I alway baste the fabric to the paper THROUGH the paper for maximum stability.  Stitch the hexies together into the desired motif. Now thoroughly press the motif. I also like to liberally use spray sizing at this time. 

2. Pin the motif to the background fabric, making sure to center the motif as necessary. (I'm using a newsprint fabric. No, that's not a real newspaper. :))

3.  Use a seam ripper to break the basting threads on each hexie. (Like my orange nail polish? I needed to brighten up this cold week!)

4. Use tweezers to remove basting threads from the entire motif.

I like to have a paper towel handy for all those discarded basting threads. (Or else they'll be all over me and the floor!)

5. Use tweezers to remove the paper from each hexie, then pin it in place. (Yes, I save the paper to reuse!)

When you finish, each and every hexie should be pinned to the background.

Now it should be simple to appliqué by hand or by machine! The pressing/sizing keeps all the edges turned under nicely.

Hope this helps!

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