Monday, January 5, 2015


I don't make New Year's resolutions. But I do set goals. Goals are great! I'm good at achieving goals, but not so good at resolutions.

So here are my goals:

I know what you're thinking. Top of the list needs to be "clean out the pantry!" But no, that's not it. My goal is to EAT from the pantry. I'm going to plan meals around what is already there. It's way too crowded - too much! In the course of a month or two, it should be much emptier!

Walk more and eat less. Sounds simple enough, huh? I took Cooper for a long walk today; we both enjoyed it!

This one is easy!

1. I'll be working on the 2015 Hexie Block of the Month.
2. I'll be working on the Progressive quilt I've designed for Hexie Love.
3. UFO's
     --Lollypop Trees
     --Sue Spargo project
     --Celtic Solstice

Plus I plan to quilt some finished tops!

I'm good to go! It's going to be a wonderful HEXIE year!


  1. I was brought up with that store cupboard, hoarding mentality, so when I have nothing else in, I can of course eat from there. So when I do clear the shelves, I am amazed when I find best before dates from 18 months ago lol

  2. Go Julia Go Julia GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Julia !!! :)

  3. My pantry is fairly lean right now. Near the end of the year we were eating from the pantry a lot. Now to just remember to look there before going shopping.