Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Smaller Hexies

I began basting 1/2 inch hexies last night for a very special Hexie Love project. This hexie is gray, though it looks blue in the photo.

Yesterday (after my Celtic Solstice UFO time) I made another birthday block. This one was so fast. She had provided the precut pieces. So just a few seams and I was done! She wanted it left like this - 2 half blocks. Done!

Did I do all my paperwork yesterday???? Um…….. I procrastinated all day! I know….it's got to be done. Maybe today? I hope?

Are you making hexies today?


  1. Oh yes, I make hexies every day. And this is a BIG hexie for me. I make 1/4", and now I've got even smaller ones from Paper Pieces. I have to try them some day now.

  2. 1/2" is my favorite size to work with, very easy for my hands to manipulate.

  3. I have made them that size. I love hexies any size.