Thursday, January 15, 2015

Snowflakes and Geese

Yesterday I attended our first Birthday Block Lunch of the year - love this group of ladies! One of the women brought this to show me. She made last year's January Hexie BOM as a wall hanging. It is lovely, isn't it?

My favorite part is all her fabulous hand quilting!

Each of the women in the group pick a block and everyone else makes one or two blocks of their selected pattern for their birthday month. This year we have a big group of 16 or 17 ladies. We got almost all the patterns in December. This year I really want to get a jump on making all these blocks. Last year, I was making each one the day before the lunch - not good!

So today (after I did my allotted 4 Celtic Solstice blocks), I tackled the first birthday block.

It's the Wild and Goosey block, designed by Bonnie Hunter. Lots of little pieces. Machine paper piecing. Not my favorite, but it's always good to have a challenge, isn't it?

Ta-dah! Before you knew it, I had four of these little babies. Tomorrow I'll make the little sashing and cornerstone and this block will be history!

How is everyone coming on this year's block of the month? And Hexie Love projects? I've heard from readers who have already started their Odyssey quilt! And some are making Sheldon the Snowman…

Can't wait to see progress! Don't forget to join in the fun on Facebook on the Hexie Love page AND the Hexie Love Open Studio page!

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  1. What a darling wall hanging! I love the sharp, bright colors. and those sections of a block too.


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