Monday, January 12, 2015

A Hexie Weekend…and a Good Question or Two

I had a lovely hexie weekend! Hubby and I watched 4 movies - yes, FOUR movies! And that meant lots of hexie time for me while we watched. Here's the list:

1. The Fault in Our Stars
2. Boyhood
3. Jack Ryan…..something or other
4. A Simple Plan

If you follow Hexie Love on Facebook, you saw my big Australian hexie - made lots of these for a new pattern I'm designing.

I also spent more time in the studio working on my UFO of the season - that Celtic Solstice - slowly (very slowly!), but surely.

And (of course!) I worked on the progressive quilt (Odyssey!) from Hexie Love. What is a progressive quilt? It's a bit like a mystery quilt, because you won't know what the final quilt will look like until I reveal the last section. I call it a "progressive quilt" because we are making one section at time, over the course of this year. Yes, it's made in big sections which while be sewn together as we go. And at the end of the year we'll all have a spectacular hexie quilt! Yay! I have to say that the Odyssey pattern is one of my FAVORITE things in the magazine! Love this quilt!

And now for a couple of questions answered:

1. How do you subscribe to Hexie Love?

Look up above this post. See that Hexie Love logo inside the black box? Click on it! You'll have to sign up for a free account with Joomag (the magazine software I use). You will be able to buy one issue ($5.99) or subscribe for the entire year ($26.99). You'll also be able to download a PDF once you purchase the magazine so that you can print pages or read it as a PDF instead of through Joomag. 

2. Question from a blog reader: Just found your blog are the author of quick easy hexies right?  Where one makes a circle then sews into hexie...I have your first book,now see you have published book two.   However on your blog you are working with EPP.....why?  Just seems to be a  a contradiction…

Good question! I had never done hexies until I leaned the circle method and wrote two books of patterns using the technique. (Peggy Rhodes was my coauthor on the first one.) Since then I've become OBSESSED with hexies of any type, made with any method! And there are SEVERAL methods to make them! 

The patterns in my books CAN be made with any techniques -

Now I have a new magazine (Hexie Love) coming out in January where I will embrace ALL hexies. And the two quilts I'm now designing (2015 Block of the Month which will be available free on the blog AND the progressive quilt to be introduced in Hexie Love) are being made (by me) with EPP!

So, no contradiction here. I just love hexies in any technique!

I enjoy EPP myself.


  1. I subscribed but didn't see any link to be able to subscribe for the year!
    Got the first issue anyway and its looks very professional - looking forwards to sitting and reading through properly : )

  2. I had this same experience so I ended up doing an online chat and they gave me a link to go to where I could get the annual subscription. Julia - you might want to check to see why the annual subscription box isn't obvious on the original purchase screen!!! I love the E-mag and hope it will do very well. I too am OBSESSED! I love EPP and I do mine with a baste stitch just thru corners of material rather than thru the paper. That way I can leave threads in when finished if I use thread that won't show through. Papers pop out easy enough and another HINT: I also iron my papers when they are used and sometimes even spray starch them to make them sturdy again! A hint you might want to put in the mag or blog - oh wait - here it is now in the blog!!! Keep up the great work! Happy Hex-ing!!!


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