Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Fun

Thanks so much for all the support for Hexie Love! As you know, I'm new in the magazine business. This is all a learning experience, and boy have I learned a LOT! And I'm still learning! Today's challenge has been change the settings so that customers can download a PDF to make for easier reading. I love hearing from you! I've gotten so many compliments on the content and layout! And it will only get better!

One of my goals this year is to finish some UFO's. And Celtic Solstice (designed by Bonnie Hunter as her 2013 Mystery Quilt) was at the top of the list. This quilt has been a challenge for me. And it's solidified something I already suspected - I do not like to piece! I prefer hexies and appliqué!!!!!

But since I made hundreds of little units, I really need to finish it! When I pulled the pieces out of their bag, I realized I never did the last clue of making the pieced squares for the secondary block. GRRRR. I can't face doing that - lots of tiny triangles. So I am making simple half square triangle units for the corners of these blocks. And from a distance I don't think you can tell the difference.

I'm trying to do a few blocks a day to get this quilt knocked out. As much as I don't enjoy piecing, it is pretty, isn't it?

Then I allowed my self to work on another quilt! This is more my speed! Have you read Hexie Love yet? Then you might know what this is for! Shhh….

This afternoon and tonight I'll be doing hexie appliqué - ahhhhh…now this is fun!!!!


  1. While I would rather be doing applique or EPP, I will piece, but I've decided I don't like blocks that have a gillion pieces. I started Bonnie's latest, but not sure I am going to get past Part 1 which is where I am. I'm enjoying right now writing patterns for a One Block Quilt. Now that's more like it. Off to subscribe to Hexie Love!

  2. PS: I love it! A good deal of variety, interesting projects and well laid out. Congrats, Julia! I'll be posting about it. One teeny thing - Geta's URL seems incomplete at the end of her article. Probably only needs to be recentered.


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