Sunday, January 4, 2015

Back to the Hexie World!

During my week off we went on a fun vacation! We packed our bags…

And after driving a bit, we took a train…

You guessed it - station 9 3/4! We went to Orlando for several days, spending three of them at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I read the first few books when our daughters were young. A few years ago I started over and read all seven books one after another. Love the stories!

Now I can mark this off my bucket list!

Many of the balloons from the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade were on display - as in Shrek!

Can't beat a big smoked turkey leg!

We spent the last day at Epcot, ending our trip with amazing fireworks.

It was good to get away for a few days. Our wonderful Daughter 1 and SIL took care of our house and dogs. Thanks E and T! Daughter 2 went with us - some of her friends and her boyfriend (great guy!) were there our first day. And yes, the Butterbeer was great!

Okay…now back to hexies! I hope you all like this year's January block! I plan to finish my February block today - just need to do the Perle Cotton stitching.

I'll also be putting a few final touches on Hexie Love! I can't believe the launch of the magazine is THIS WEEK!!!!!! Squeal!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sounds like you had a blast on vacation! I love Disney World and Epcot! Haven't been since Harry Potter was added. :( I read books with oldest grandson who is 22 now (YIKES can that be?). Thanks for using SIL - now I get the shorthand of it - could never figure out the IL part!!!! :) When can I pay for my e-mag??? I AM READY! Take care. -Nancy

  2. I cant believe the size of those turkey legs lol

  3. Yes I love the January block! Can't wait for Hexie Love to come out!

  4. I am a bit green with envy. I read the Harry Potter books when my girls were reading them and I am a huge huge Harry fan.
    Hexies are coming!

  5. We went there over Christmas break, too! It was awesome. We loved the warm butterbeer the best.

  6. Wow your holiday looked like the best fun. Now for our fun - Hexie Love :)